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Ethos Benefit Services Credentials

Fee based consultant since 2002


Licensed Health and Life Insurance Counselor

Both Life and Health and Property Casualty licenses.


CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner)

by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Proven expertise in fraud prevention, detection, and deterrence.  Trained to identify the warning signs and red flags that indicate evidence of fraud and fraud risk.


GBA (Group Benefits Analyst)
by the Wharton Business School

Knowledgeable on health and other group benefits—including the latest on health care reform—needed to effectively design, administer, and communicate group benefits.


(Registered Health Underwrite) by The American College


(Self Insurance Certified Specialist) by the Self Funding Employer Association


United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime

Invited Todd to participate in Conference

2015 Kyiv, Ukraine

Licensed Finder by the State of Texas, Department of Security

A “Licensed Finder” by the State of Texas Securities Board, one of few in the United States.


Honorary Doctorate in Economics offered in 2008 by the Kyiv National Economics

University- Kyiv, Ukraine In 2008, he was offered an Honorary Ph.D. in Economics from Kyiv National Economic University, Kiev, Ukraine, for his development of a Healthcare Accessibility product that fits the needs of many non-industrialized Nations.


Yuri Samoilenko, Ukrainian Parliament Member

In 2012, Requested to be on their Committee for Economic Reforms

Todd recently presented this product to the Government of Ukraine, including Department of Health Minister Lazorychynets. He made presentations to numerous other entities, including the United States Ambassador to Ukraine and Consult General at the United States Embassy in Kiev. While on his visit, he was asked to participate in an International Insurance Symposium by the Deputy General of the Insurance Bureau of Ukraine, and he was invited by the Pro-rector in charge of international relations, to participate in the International Health Insurance conference sponsored by the Kyiv National Economic University.

Todd Dorton

Todd Dorton

President and CEO

Todd Dorton, President and CEO of Ethos Benefit Services has been in the insurance industry for 20 years and has been a licensed fee based consultant since 2002. Todd is also a Certified Fraud Examiner, licensed Group and Benefits Analyst as well as a Registered Health Underwriter and Self Insured Certified Specialist.

Ethos Benefits specializes in fee based employee benefit consulting for all types of plans and groups.  A special focus of Ethos is Police and Fire needs across the county. Due to great variances by state, in the rule of collective bargaining Todd has been able to develop plans and customized strategies to take advantage of his knowledge of the product and combine it with the needs of the a potential client.

Todd has been able to consistently show savings up to 40% on medical and Rx spend with the many different tools at his disposal. The result of this specialization is that several clients have been able to maintain and sustain flat rates while keeping solid benefit plans in place.