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At Ethos Benefit Services, our guiding principles are based on those of Aristotle and the ancient Greeks.

In Aristotle’s time, ethos meant “showing moral character”.

This concept of ethos (or ethics) is core to who we are and how we serve as trusted advisors to our clients.

Our goal . . .

. . . Helping you improve your business results and ensure we provide

the expertise,


and resources you need.

Our Services

Innovative solutions to help you manage your costs and get you the business results you want (and need).

Our Expertise

We are deeply invested in employee benefits — everything from strategic planning to implementation

Our Analytics

You can’t know where you need to go until you know where you’ve been.

Ethos Benefit Services understands how to navigate through the new governmental regulations that require all employers — both large and small — to complete an expanded, multi-layered set of responsibilities.

Our licensed “fee-based” team of counselors specialize in solving business challenges. We all know this is not and has not been a “renew as usual” environment. Bidding out your insurance is NOT a strategy.

We are ready to get started.


Are you?

It’s not business as usual.

Ethos doesn’t offer products loaded with commissions. Why? Because we don’t like to do business that way. We tie our revenue to your premium expense. We believe you’ll get the best solutions in the market, tailored for your unique situation. All Ethos clients will receive an annual compensation disclosure that includes an itemized list of any additional revenue such as supplemental compensation, bonuses, overrides or other monies that may be made available.

Your success makes us look good.


It’s simple. We measure our success by making sure you meet your business goals.

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